Kindness Poem

This is a project that I completed for my creating multimedia content course.



Objects and a Place

Below is a series of photos taken for a Creating Multimedia Content course at Elon University as part of a photography project. This portion of the project required taking three different photos of three different objects, highlighting various techniques such as unity, emphasis, and perception, as well as capturing an alternative angle of the object and an image in a shallow depth of field. This portion of the assignment required students to practice these skills in addition to capturing various angles, details, depth of field, and orientations of a location – both inside and outside of this particular location.

Portraits Project

For a Creating Multimedia class I am taking at Elon University, I was given an assignment to take four different pictures of three different people, including both “staged” and “candid” images of each person. This collection of photos is one section of a larger project that was assigned for this class, in which students were asked to take a series of photos of various people, objects, a place, and an event. Capturing photos of people was my favorite part of this project and the most enjoyable for me.